I wanted to update you on the nonsensical and illogical program we call Social Security Disability Insurance or SSDI.

I reapplied in July. Now I’m 51. 50 is supposedly a “magic number” for disability lawyers say. I guess when your 50 they think you’re closer to 55 which is the “official” retirement age even though we don’t get paid what we’re due until 72 or something ridiculous like that (if you retire at 62, 65, or 68, for example, you get a lower sum than you’re fair social Security income).

Two months later they denied me. They actually denied me before they even received all my medical records. Not only is that “not cool,” I don’t think it’s playing by the rules! So, I’ve complained to my senator and they filed an inquiry on my case to make sure they don’t play their usual games (yes, our representatives and senators are quite useful – check out one of my latest Podcasts on such resources and how you can use them to your advantage).

One thing I found funny and their denial letter was fact that, this time, they don’t completely denies that I am disabled, what say something like “well OK your somewhat disabled, but you’re not disabled enough.”

We’ll see about that. I just saw my orthopedic doctor last week regarding my tendinitis in both elbows and he’s recommending taking me off working on computers and other devices permanently. Although I rue the day that I set foot in that orthopedic surgeon’s office since I now have two very painful elbows which was more tolerable before the Cortisone shot and surgery, that should help my disability case quite a bit.

Before, it was satisfactory to Social Security that I could work zero to a couple hours a week – and earn hardly anything – but now, how can I earn anything at home not being able to be on the computer or tablet or phone very much at all? Now, yes, that sounds all logical to us, but nothing is for sure with these Social Security make it our goal to turn down as many people as possible folks.

The appeal has been filed and the second request for further records received. Praying, praying, crossing my fingers, praying more…that this time SSDI will come through. 🙏🏼