A “Mixed” Bipolar Disorder Life

A Mixed, Ultra-Ultra Rapid Bipolar Rollercoaster


This blog began as a letter to friends and family. When the letter was eight pages long and still not finished, I realized I needed to put it online.

I had already thought about creating a blog on health and sharing all the information I’ve learned during extensive research reading medical and psychiatry journal articles, trying to figure out what was going on with me when the doctors couldn’t properly diagnose or treat my symptoms.

In my journey opening up to friends about my depression and bipolar symptoms, trying to explain what I was going through to  then and family members, and noticing the constant, incorrect stigma about bipolar disorder in the media,  I realized  further education is desperately needed about this disease and other  forms of mental illness or neurological disorders (which often are seen together).

I hope my journey, struggles, discoveries, enlightenment, and similar experiences can help my readers—whether they be sufferers, family members, or people just curious about what it’s like to struffle with Bipolar Disorder, OCD, Delayed Phase Sleep Disorder (DSPS), Tourette’s, or anxiety.

Everyone struggles with something.

“K” – December 15, 2016

7 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey. I am a young teen and I am pretty sure that I have bipolar and know it definitely isn’t Just mood swings. I would like to get some help but don’t know how to bring it yo to my parents. Any tips ??


    1. Hi, sorry for my delay. I don’t always get notifications about comments.

      Do you parents have a stigma about mental illness or are there other reasons you have anxiety about bringing it up to them?


    2. Sorry for my delay Anna! Just figured out how to reply. 😏 if you think your parents might take it so well, a suggestion is starting with counseling yourself and then asking them to join you and perhaps telling them there, in a safe place. Best wishes


  2. Just found your podcast. I was diagnosed with Bipolar Depression on 2013, go through rapid cycling also. Wish i could find the strength you have.


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