A “Mixed” Bipolar Disorder Life

A Mixed, Ultra-Ultra Rapid Bipolar Rollercoaster


NAMI – National Alliance on Mental Illness – NAMI is a widely known mental health organization, which advocates, provides programs, support groups, and other resources for both client and family members. They have local branches throughout the US. Well organized.  Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NAMI/

DBSA – Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance – DBSA provides great articles/information on depression and bipolar disorder on their website, as well as listings to patient support groups across the USA. I find the DBSA support group to be more casual than NAMI’s. My local support group has been a great resource for me, a place where I can go in my sweats, be myself, and share my week (some attend in PJ’s & Slippers!). We also go out to eat afterward, which helps reduce isolation. No pressure. Go when one can.

Circadian Sleep Disorders Network – A non-profit organization that provides education and a forum for persons suffering from circadian sleep disorders such as Delayed Phase Sleep Syndrome (DSPS).

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